Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shirt sizes

I found an old plain white t-shirt that I got from the Netherlands a few years ago (long story). The label says it's a 2XL but it didn't look like a 2XL. In fact, when I put it on, it felt more like the L's I usually wear.

Are American t-shirts sizes bigger than European sizes?

I did a little research on the web but no one had a clear answer. A few people think so, and it makes sense because Americans are pudgier.

But here's the rub: that theory leads you believe European shirts would be tighter but just as long at any given size. This shirt, though, isn't that much tighter while being significantly shorter than an American 2XL.

The average Dutch male is 6'1'' so what size do the many Brobdingnagians where?

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