Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Links plus Thoughts

1. How Shy People Work. I think this signaling game is poorly played. It's probably true that if you tasked a third party to pick which people a person likes spending time with it'd be easier if the person was shy. The problem is that the view from inside your head is very different from reality--e.g. it's probably easy to see if someone is interested in your best friend but hard to see if someone is interested in you--so I think no one notices. If you treat everyone like they're your #1 customer or best friend they might all believe it.

2. The legacy of Peter Orzag. More economist should try to be like him, though I think he went overboard on the Dartmouth data.

3. Mark Thoma explains a big debate in macroeconomics. The issue here is the shape of the aggregate supply curve--it is vertical or does it just slope upward? My intro macro teacher did a poor job explaining the relation between micro-foundations and the curve and it killed most people on the final.

4. Can you buy happiness? If you're buying ice cream, TIME reports.

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