Sunday, June 27, 2010

Experiments about touch

Discover Blogs reports on some experiments at MIT:

Weight is linked to importance, so that people carrying heavy objects deem interview candidates as more serious and social problems as more pressing. Texture is linked to difficulty and harshness. Touching rough sandpaper makes social interactions seem more adversarial, while smooth wood makes them seem friendlier. Finally, hardness is associated with rigidity and stability. When sitting on a hard chair, negotiators take tougher stances but if they sit on a soft one instead, they become more flexible.

Think of how you can use this to get a steal in negotiations. You start with a handshake and smooth hands prime the salesman to view you are friendly. Maybe you tell a joke. At the same time, the soft touch primes them to be more flexible with their offers. Then you hammer away. Of course, you need soft, smooth hands like these for it to work:



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