Friday, June 18, 2010

Good sentences

The famous Pew poll last year, in which 44 percent of Americans said that the world’s “leading economic power” was China, said less about economic realities—hundreds of millions subsist on China’s farms, where heating and indoor plumbing are luxuries—than about America’s downcast self-image.

from James Fallow on America's inferiority complex. So much for Obama being the next Reagan.

How could he not be a lefty . . . given that (and here’s another assumption shared with the far right, an uglier one) he’s black?

from James Bennet. Also, how is it that the first thing on his list of disaffections with Obama is "Afghanistan," that is, Obama implementing the plan he promised on the campaign trail,  while "Iraq," that is, Obama breaking the biggest promise he made on the campaign trail, fails to make the list.

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