Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Assorted Links

1. How to Read

2. Ariely thinks we should experiment more

3. Glaeser on epistemology in macroeconomics

4. Good advice from Stephen Dubner

5. What career helps the most. I agree with the framework, but I'm not sure about the answer.

6. Tyler Cowen is an interesting character

7. The Internet makes people happy (maybe)

8. Bill Simmons might be the best American writer. (Malcolm Gladwell is Canadian.) Even though it's an unimportant issue, and his analysis of the the quality of players is poor, and his narrative is contrived, it is fun to read.

9. Kristof on poor people wasting money

10. Does Facebook pigeonhole our identity? My Facebook says I have a complicated relationship with a dog, am a Jedi, and have an "Other" stance on politics. I guess that sums me up nicely. Now if only it asked if I think the h in "humor" is silent people would have me all figured out.

11. Development experts focus too little on migration

12. Women in Science

13. Oil spill in context

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