Sunday, June 27, 2010

Awesome Links

1. Michael Bay has an awesome sense of humor

2. Do we need a Secular Religion? No. But he's right that

. . . religion [is] not just a matter of belief, but that it sat upon a welter of concerns . . . and that by getting rid of God, one would also be dispensing with a whole raft of very useful, if often peculiar and sometimes retrograde, notions that had held societies together since the beginning of time.

Religion makes people happy. We do need something to fill the void.

3. Uwe Reinhardt, a very good health economist, on insurance mandates

4. A slightly bloated but good edition of Why U.S. Food Aid Policy Sucks

5. Health halo effects. I think some of this reporting is misguided. First, lab experiments don't necessarily translate well into "the field." Second, most people probably have more to gain by finding a better mix of calories than cutting down on calories. Subway does provide a better balance than McDonald's even if you'll eat more calories there.

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