Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Dark Knight: Maroni

Gordon: I didn't get a chance to thank you.

Batman: And you'll never have to.

[6 months later]

Gordon: Thank you

Batman: You don't have to-

Gordon: Yes, I do.

When the Joker is in the car with Maroni, Two-Face flips and Maroni is spared. But then he flips again to decide the fate of the driver. Why does Two-Face cheat is he is so committed to fairness? Later he lets Ramirez, who is as responsible for Rachel's death as anyone, off the hook.

Also, Maroni talks about his wife in that segment with Two-Face. But earlier in the movie, at the club he's with a woman half his age whom he asks "why would I want to hear you talk?" Is she his wife? No, according to the script she's a mistress.

I only noticed this the last time I watched the movie: when Gordon leaves Dent's room at Gotham General he meets up with Maroni, who is there recovering from his fall. Maroni then tells Gordon (off-camera) where the Joker is meeting to divy up the funds. That is why Gordon has all of his men at the ready when the Joker's threat (to blow up a hospital) is broadcast.

With Maroni dead (presumably) by the hand of Two-Face and the Chechen and Gambol slayed by the Joker--and their men at his command--what is the fate of the mob? Presumably Maroni's right hand man will step up and lead the Italian mob, but the rest could be in disarray with the Joker behind bars. I think this is something that needs to be wrapped up in the next film. It should be the last one.

Batman Began as a means to clean up Gotham. The Dark Knight was a side-show about "one man" when the target was "the whole mob." The Caped Crusade (which should be the next film's title) needs to complete the story arc.

Fact of the Day: In the original script for The Dark Knight, Maroni tells Batman "No one's gonna tell you anything" but no Italian mobster would say "anything." In the film it's changed to "nothing."

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