Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tropicana Field

Some jerk from New York is thrashing Tropicana Field.
Teixeira called the catwalk and the ground “laughable,” but at least the Yankees won that game. . . . The miniature-golf-like obstacle in the dome — let’s not call it a ball park . . .
1. The B-ring he complains about has only come into play a few times over the years.

2. Because Tampa is so far south and west, but still on EDT, it's broad daylight here at 7 and it's twilight around 8:30, and dark at 10. Hitters will complain about that.

3. Its usually 85+ with 70% humidity here at 7 PM in June and July. Do people really want to sit outside?

That said I wouldn't have a problem with a real field. They look nicer, the artificial turf is horrible, and the lighting is the dome is ugly as sin. But I also like the Trop.

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