Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is an interesting story. A group of Southern heritage promoters, with unknown sources of funding, have filed to build a "Southern Culture Center" in Birmingham, Alabama, just a few blocks from the old 16th Street Baptist Church.

The group says that the center will celebrate the culture of the antebellum South, including sections of food, music, religion and history. Reports say that the center will hang a Rebel flag out front, though the group will only confirm its presence inside. The New York Times, based on claims from an unidentified source, has suggested that some of the funding from the center is coming from White supremacy groups, but the builders refused to disclose their backers.

The NAACP has condemned the center as a symbol of bigotry, but the builders retort that the center is meant to promote diversity and inter-racial dialogue. They insist that the center will help to improve the image of traditional Southerners in the eyes of the Black community and African-Americans are invited to the many events, such as barbecues, that the center will hold. A number of Democratic politicians, including Jim Clyburn and Bernie Sanders, have also voiced concern with the project.

The city's planning commission will vote on whether to approve the center next week.

Wait, sorry, I got the whole story wrong. A Muslim group that won't disclose it's funding is building a center near Ground Zero. Are you still for/against approving the center?

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