Sunday, August 1, 2010

James Franco

If I have a guilty pleasure it's reading human interest pieces. I stumbled on this one about James Franco, who is a surprisingly interesting character.

A comment on the writing: I like the style of most magazine writers, but they always throw in a few howlers that irk me. Take, for instance:
. . .like [his life is] some kind of gonzo performance piece: a high-concept parody of cultural ambition.
That's only about a third of the sentence, but the use of "high-concept" makes it mush. I also think the article could be improved by cutting out some of the more bizarre claims (see quote above). They aren't very interesting, a cardinal sin in a human interest piece.

About Franco: I've been saying the past few weeks that one of the two things that could have improved Inception is if Franco played Arthur. (He was Nolan's first choice.) Franco has an aura that could have helped reconcile the fact that Inception is dominated by DiCaprio but built on an ensemble cast. Franco's Arthur could have been Cobb-lite; Gordon-Levitt's Arthur is just part of the team. That said, Gordon-Levitt delivers some of the lines a lot better than Franco could have managed.

To find out that he's been wasting he life writing about dumb shit instead of immortalizing his career with Inception, it's a pity. But an interesting one.

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