Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Bowl XL

One of the refs from Super Bowl XL admitted that he blew some calls.

When will the other refs from Super Bowl XL, and the refs from Super Bowl XLIII, admit their errors?

Here's a list of a few from 43:

1. James Harrison should have been ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct
2. Ben Rothlesberger on intentional grounding (twice)
3. Block in the back on the last play of the 1st half (on Hightower at the 30)*
4. Kurt Warner throw an incomplete pass in the last 30 seconds, he didn't fumble

They also blew two calls against Arizona that were fixed on challenges.

* - I know the deal with blocks in the back on returns: most of the time the refs ignore them unless they are egregious. So this one, though a by-the-book foul, maybe shouldn't have been called.

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