Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ice Cream and Pizza

The New York Times reports on the outrageous prices of "homemade ice cream." Boston, they note, is a mecca for this shit:
In Boston and Beverly Hills, not surprisingly, but also in Columbus, Ohio, and Arroyo Seco, N.M., a small cone or cup now often costs more than $4 — and that’s without the toppings of organic whipped cream, sustainable strawberries and French bittersweet chocolate chunks
Who goes to an ice cream shoppe asking for organic whipped cream and sustainable strawberries. That reminds me of the time I went to Four Burger in Central Square. The lady at the counter asked me if I wanted that "with a whole wheat bun." After taking a few seconds to recover from the shock, I just told her "maybe... maybe not... maybe fuck yourself." Maybe that isn't quite a true story.

But it's not really Boston metro as a whole that's the problem, it's specific neighborhoods. In Cambridgeport people actually like Toscanini's (which is mediocre but charges a criminal $5 for a cup) so much they raised $23,000 to pay its taxes. Honestly, ice cream from a grocery store is the best you're going to get in Cambridge.

And while I'm on the topic, I should mention how similar, but worst, the situation is with pizza. In "hip" parts of town all the hipsters enjoy dumping a pile of shit on a cracker and calling it a pizza: enter Emma's, The Upper Crust, Zing! and South End Pizza. The plethora of dog-shit restaurants crowds out space for good ones.

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