Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When people die in a story, people often cry. When Dumbledore died, a lot of people cried. When Snape died I'm sure some people bawled too.


I've never seen The Notebook but I'm sure someone dies and everyone cried then too. I might watch Schindler's List later today, which is what got me thinking about the topic.

The only time I ever cried during a movie was when I saw Air Bud. There's a scene when the boy who found Bud and taught him to play makes the dog run away and it him he hates it--because he knows if he doesn't he'll have to give the dog back to an abusive clown, its legal owner.

It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would rend your heart. But the thing was, Nash had recently killed my dog. He planted a heart worm in her and she died. It was like a warped parallel with the story on screen: in the movie, the boy loves the dog so much he sacrifices ownership of her; in reality, Nash loved the dog so much that he killed it instead of letting someone else own her.

"This is a sick world we live in."

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