Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mankiw works less, Liberal students cheer

Greg Mankiw, a professor economics at Harvard University, announced today he would stop working to update his textbooks in response to tax increases contained in the Obamacare legislation, the ACA. Previously Mankiw had continued to work on the books, despite the higher taxes being on the books, because "[he] expected the taxes to be struck down by the courts before [he] had to pay them."

A representative from Occupy Wall Street cheered the decision as "probably the best by-product of the legislation" but qualified the statement by noting they had no idea what a labor supply curve was because they walked out of Mankiw's principles of economics class. Off the record he stated he was "a social studies concentrator" which the official Harvard dictionary says translates to "a pompous way to say majoring in philosophy and political science."

An anonymous professor of social studies stated that in the "concentration" it is standard practice to teach students the names of concepts without expecting them to understand the concept. The professor said the department prefers "reading old books in translation" to using textbooks and other modern teaching tools.

Obviously this entire post like many others with ridiculous premises is satire.

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