Friday, May 18, 2012

Corporate Conspiracy

Today Ron Paul suspended his campaign after his staff divided itself into two warring factions. College dropouts and those kids that read Ayn Rand books in high school are coming to blows across the country over claims that Ron Paul's campaign is a front for a corporate conspiracy.

A CNN iReporter writes that the Ron Paul campaign is funded by a consortium of Fortune 500 companies seeking complete control of the economy. Reportedly Ron Paul does not believe in anything he was campaigning for saying, off the record, that "this gold standard idea is a farce" and "only someone who has studied any economics since 1920" could support it.

Supporters insist that the report is just a rumor and that, even if true, Paul still represents the cause of unfettered liberty. Joe Smith, a longtime supporter from Tampa, FL, said that "we all knew the cause of unfettered liberty would lead to domination by our corporate or military masters, so whether it happens on day 1 or day 100 of his presidency is immaterial." He later added that "while you do not have the right to use force to regain your freedom, our ideal government does not enforce that so you might as well."

Nevertheless, nearly half of Paul's former supporters have become its biggest critics citing "undeniable evidence of a major corporate conspiracy to strike down the Constitution." Ben James IV, a sociologist at Harvard, said this was "not unexpected" as "all the conspiracy theorists loved Paul, every 9/11 truther in America has been to a Paul rally." Many are now accusing Paul of spearheading the 9/11 attacks.

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  1. You've gotta love the attraction of conspiracy theorists and other out-of-the-mainstream personalities with out-the-mainstream politicians, religions, etc. At his counter-convention in 2008 (across the way from the RNC convention in the Twin Cities that year) he had plenty of standard bearers of the libertarian movement speak, but also a number of "anything that sounds crazy sounds good to me" speakers as well (e.g. Jesse Ventura) who probably got the biggest applause. Tucker Carlson was at the thing and apparently couldn't take the bullshit artists and bailed. When someone from Crossfire has to leave because things smell bad, you know it must be a stinky shit fest.