Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trayvon 2012

The tragic story of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old child killed while walking home with some candy and tea to watch a basketball game, is getting a lot of press. (See my previous post for details.)

People are asking for justice, meaning that the murderer should be put to trial. He admitted to killing the child and all the evidence suggests he isn't lying.

My response is to ask why we are focusing on Trayvon and not the candy he was eating. The truth is that most black children in America will die from a heart attack or cancer and it will be caused by poor eating habits including eating too much sugar. The candy didn't kill Trayvon Martin but it will kill most of his peers in 40-50 years.

I also wonder why people are simplifying the issue. This isn't something that can be explained in a 500 word news story. If the case goes to trial the transcripts will run for pages and pages as evidence is presented over a number of days. This is a complicated issue and even a 30 minute documentary would not do it justice. I'm tempted to write a blog post titled "Trayvon Martin fought back and other complicated things..."

The truth is that the family is using the death (to sound objective I will henceforce refrain from using "murder") to emotionally manipulate audiences. He was 17 but they refer to him as a child because of the emotional appeal.

The ordeal and presentation reminds me a lot of Kony 2012 except it was about one child and about thousands, which makes it more important.

Note: This post is satire.

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