Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did Peyton Manning save Florida?

A lot of people in Florida are angry at Peyton Manning.

By late February the Miami Dolphins were widely considered the favorite to land Manning when he was inevitably cut from the Colts. But by now everyone knows Peyton is going to Denver and Matt Flynn, the Dolphins backup option, signed with Seattle. As a Dolphin fan who watched Dan the Man in his last few years it's a sad day. I was hoping Manning would end up in Miami.

Yet I think this could work out for the state of Florida. As much as I love Tim Tebow the guy is never going to be a successful NFL quarterback and his supposed aspirations of running for office one day scare the shit out of me. By sticking a fork in Tebow-mania, Peyton may have spared the state of a worse fate: Gov. Tebow (R-Moron).

Don't get me wrong, Tim Tebow is my second favorite player in the NFL. He has a big heart for a Republican but that doesn't make his completely lack of experience and radical politics any more appealing. The only job he is fit to do beyond circumcise minorities and convert on 4th and 1 is enforce the laws as that requires no competence whatsoever in the state of Florida.

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