Tuesday, November 15, 2011

David Stern sucks

I try not to write about who sucks and why on this blog because I think it's usually better to write about who is doing great things and who really knows their stuff.

But today I'm going to make an exception for David Stern.

He really sucks.

He's canceled a full season and part of another in order to placate the owner's greed. If that wasn't enough he has to go on TV and lie through his teeth about how he tried to give the players a great deal, better than what they had before the talks.

He's turned a sport where you won by chasing down loose balls, contesting shots and having the skill of shooting until a sport where you win by running into other players and praying the refs give you free throws. The "epidemic of shitty officiating" is so bad that many people question whether the games are rigged and I have to admit, Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals was probably rigged.

He turned a competitive league where teams rarely repeated as champions into a league where only a few teams can compete and franchises that win tend to win back to back championships, sucking the drama out of the playoffs to the point where March Madness is far more exciting.

David Stern is far and away the worst commissioner in any major sports league.

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