Friday, October 28, 2011

Why I try not to read op-ed columnists

This column is a good example of the kind of writing that made me, for the most part, stop reading op-ed columnists (even Paul Krugman). I still read op-eds like the ones on Project Syndicate, though.

Let me quote some things:

"Half the country isn't speaking to the other half," . . . [L]iberals . . . know little of the South and who don't wish to know of it, who write it off as apart from them, maybe beneath them. [. . .] Occupy Wall Street makes an economic critique that echoes the president's, though more bluntly: the rich are bad, down with the elites. It's all ad hoc, more poetry slam than platform.
Peggy Noonan thinks we have a problem in that some people aren't listening. But she obviously didn't listen to many people at OWS if she thinks you can talk about "the" argument OWS makes.

There is also this "zinger."
Where is the president in all this? He doesn't seem to be as worried about his country's continuance as his own.
I mean I don't know what to make of this column. It doesn't have a point beyond "Obama bad, Ryan good." It's not funny. It's a waste of my time. And that's why I stopped reading op-eds.

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