Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 53%

Some people who think "the 99%" Occupy Wall Street protesters are spending too much time begging for government handouts and not enough time fixing their own problems are calling themselves "the 53%." CNN has the story.

The irony is that this is the example they use of someone not wanting government handouts:
A public school teacher in Vancouver, Wash., Decker and his wife lived below the poverty line until they decided to go back to school to become educators. 
I think there are plenty of people in America who are lazy, although when you're talking about policy the solutions are going to come from asking why so many people are lazy. For example, Asian kids spend a lot more time on homework than black kids do. Why? It's not because all black people just chose to be lazy. It probably has something to do with how their parents are raising them and how their teachers instruct them.

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