Friday, July 30, 2010

Is Sarah Palin an idiot?

Everybody knows Sarah Palin is a dumbass.

But is she?

She does pronounce nuclear like half the country does. And if someone pronounces words differently from your they're obviously an idiot. I was shocked when I came to MIT found out everyone was an idiot. They were hyped about "eye-ern man" since Tony Stark was an MIT grad. Don't know they it's pronounced eye-ren? I guess it's true that science people can't read.

So maybe judging someone on a proxy for their ethnicity/culture is stupid. Maybe it's even wrong.

Still, everyone knows Palin is an idiot based on those interviews with Katie Couric. She gave nonsense answers to basic questions about foreign policy while Joe Biden hit Couric's barrage of curveballs out of the park.

See for yourself: Biden and Palin

Palin contradicted herself. Everyone knows that the constitution guarantees a right to privacy which implies a right to kill your fetus. It's the same principle behind why you can have gay sex in the privacy of your own bedroom, or slaughter your 5 year old and hid the body in your walk-in closet. Er, sometimes states have a legitimate interest in restricting privacy like to save the life of a child. But she still bit a bullet . . . (no explanation of how)

Even if you don't buy that, you have to admit she did have her with the the next question. What Supreme Court decisions do you disagree with? By name, please.

Couric did hammer Biden on that negative advertising question. Isn't it obvious Obama had no idea they were running negative ads? Joe must have been telling the truth. And isn't he great with the fans?

So there you have it, rock solid evidence that Sarah Palin is a complete moron compared to the rest of the politicians who tend have such a great grasp of the issues.

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