Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tim Tebow

I got swept up into the Tebow fervor when he reached 20-20. But since then I've poured over his numbers too many times to count--I even looked up the distance-to-goal for each of his 57 rushing TD. He seems a lot more mortal when you put the numbers in context. His yards per attempt (YPA) were phenomenal, comparable to Sam Bradford's, but put up in a more difficult conference. Yet when you take into account his rushing attempts, he looks upstaged by Vince Young on yards per play.

I think when people look back on Tebow's career they're going to remember plays like this more than anything else:

The aura that surrounds Tebow is more a product of heart than talent. The promise is Tebow's "Luckiest mean on the face of the earth"; 20/20 is his 184 RBIs. It's going to be etched in stone 100 years hence, when 20/20 is a distant memory.

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