Monday, March 18, 2013

Is the NYTimes the web's most unscrupulous business?

There are a lot of scumbags running scams on the Internet but it's usually easy to sort out Nigerian princes from legitimate businesses.

The exception is

The Times is running an outdated business model, investing heavily is coverage that is occasionally excellent (David Leonhardt on economic policy) but mostly mediocre. Few people are willing to pay for it with so much free competition.

So if the Times can recruit new customers what are they gonna do?

Hold their current base hostage, of course.

That isn't a misprint. 

You can sign up online but you can't cancel. You have to call their customer service line, which is only available about half the time, tell them your name, e-mail, and address and refuse two hard sells (99 cent for 4 weeks, 50% off for 12 weeks).

NYTimes: Working hard to conform to stereotypes and conspiracy theories since (at least) 2013.

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