Monday, October 22, 2012

Debate Thoughts

I watched some of the presidential debate tonight, mostly not by choice. Some thoughts:

1. My wife thinks the moderate "looks like a goldfish."
2. The moderate thinks "everyone likes teachers" but, of course, not everyone likes the American Federation of Teachers which is why we should hear about in a debate!
3. No one should have more gel in their hair than Mr. Schuster--that means you, Gov. Romney.
4. Get the fuck off my TV! I wanted to watch How I Met Your Mother on CBS tonight, but evidently new episodes of the Prime Time lineup were pushed back to next week so they could broadcast the debate. I don't want the president making speaks in the Magic Kingdom, blocking the main entrance during my vacation. Get the fuck out of my life.
5. Chuck Todd mentioned the "Acela corridor" on NBC. Did Amtrak pay him to say that?

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