Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Ron Paul "Someone Else?"

Ron Paul supporters are up in arms today because CBS displayed this graph to illustrate the results of a recent poll:

Now as we all know, Ron Paul is leading in most polls and has a 3 point edge in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. So surely he's in the top three and yet.... they wrote "someone else" instead of Ron Paul.

I'd be outraged too if that were my candidate except, it's not. Ron Paul only got 10% in that CBS poll for some reason, making it natural to leave him out of the "top tier." Someone else literally means "someone else" as 19% of those polls were not for any candidate or undecided, they wanted someone else. Here is the CBS story titled "Poll shows GOP voters still looking for answers."

I should make a note that I think the mainstream media does suck and is and has been ignoring Paul but this time they weren't.

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