Friday, July 29, 2011

Success is relative

From's automatically generated comments on legislators:

Successful: Sen. Hatch [R-UT], 67 bills enacted since 1987
Absent: Rep. Giffords [D-AZ8], 18% votes missed since 2007
Unsuccessful: Sen. Schumer [D-NY], 89% of 748 bills died since 1987

The more interesting thing is that Sen. Schumer is unsuccessful for passing 11% of 748 bills, or in other words successfully passing about 82 bills. Sen. Hatch was successful for passing 67 bills. I guess success really is relative.

(Also note that Rep. Giffords leads the pack of absentee congresspeople, missing 18% of the votes. Of course, the fact that 89% of her missed votes occurred this year after she was shot point blank by a lunatic, might be a mitigating factor.)

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