Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quote of the Day: Mass Murder Edition

Ross Douthat on sex-selective abortion:

The tragedy of the world’s 160 million missing girls isn’t that they’re “missing.” The tragedy is that they’re dead.

Here is the link. It's good, but I skimmed it and accidentally misread the last line as "The tragedy is that ... Paul Krugman is off today." Fair enough.

Is there a market solution to the problem? Chinese women are in high demand on the American marriage market. Chinese parents want their daughters to be able to work and be educated in the U.S. Enter F-1F visa, for female Asian students only.

It sounds stupid. Won't letting women leave China worsen the gender imbalance? But here's the catch: the increased demand for girls would vastly outpace the number of girls who actually leave. You can see the effect with health workers, where countries that make it easy to leave to work as nurses or doctors in the First World have more doctors and nurses. (Michael Clemens has done the most research on that topic and gathered the data and made the graph I saw showing the relationship.)

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  1. 'Chinese women are in high demand on the American marriage market.' Really? Do you have some article documenting this phenomenon. I am just curious. It seems like Chinese women here who actually grew up in China are not as popular in the market. They tend to date Asian males who share the same cultural background. I feel American men, to a large extent, like the Asian females for their exotic physical features. And the Asian Americans who grew up in the States know the American culture better but also possess those features, they should be more popular than Chinese women who came here only in their late teens.