Monday, November 15, 2010

Dark Knight Rises Female Leads

I don't think I wrote this on the blog, but it's my strong suspicion that the studio forced Christopher Nolan and co. to name the next Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises." It's a terrible name, but the inclusion of "Dark Knight" in the title clearly identifies it as a sequel. That's what execs want. I hope one day they retcon the name to The Caped Crusader.

Rumors are spreading that Nolan is looking to cast two female leads, one as (presumably) Catwoman and the other as a replacement for Rachel Dawes. My picks at Anne Hatahway to replace Rachel and Naomi Watts to replace Catwoman. I think Tom Hardy is best fit as either Black Mask or Harvey Bullock. I'd like to see DiCaprio as Black Mask and Hardy as Bullock but I think there will only be one villan besides Catwoman . . .

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