Friday, October 8, 2010

The Caped Crusader

To follow up on the last post. Batman 3 comes out in less than 2 years. Here's my hope and guess for some elements of the plot.

First, the title will and should be The Caped Crusader. It gels nicely with the other two and captures the third-act aspect of the film. This movie is going to have a happy ending, it should have a title that captures the good side of the batman.

Second, the villians will be the Riddler and the Black Mask. The movie will deal in part will Bruce's inner turmoil post-Rachel's death and with the city hating him. He won't have a love interest because he'll come into his own as the Caped Crusader and embrace his future fighting crime in the city. (He could also die, but I don't think so.)

The movie will start with crime getting worse because Batman is hampered by Gordon's men's hunt for him. This will leave an opening for the Black Mask to assert himself in the crime world and fill the power vaccum left by the deaths of the three bosses in The Dark Knight. Meanwhile, the police will hire Edward Nigma to help them hunt down Batman and find out his identity. The Black Mask's backstory will come out alongside his history with Bruce and he'll probably kidnap Lucious or something at some point. I don't know how they'll work in the over-the-top action or keep the thrilling pace of TDK up--and I don't expect them to quite match it.

But the end should be a little more emotional and a little more satisfying because it should be conclusive. I hope they trim this one to under 2:15 too.

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