Thursday, September 30, 2010


This story takes the cake for most bizarre mixed with most tragic story of the month.

A college freshmen jumped off a bridge after his roommate taped him having sex with a guy in their room and put the video online.

Some thoughts: From what I know about psychology our intuitions might lead us astray thinking about this problem. Our first assumption is that he died because people hate fags. That is true--sort of. But a lot of gay people are treated poorly every day and don't jump off a bridge. Instead of talking about anti-gay prejudice it's worth talking about bullying in general and about teaching kids healthy ways to respond to bullying (and adversity).

It's probably easier to teach gay people to cope with discrimination, esp. when kids, than it is to eliminate anti-gay bigotry, which will take decades to stamp down into the low single-digits.

I'd still give those two fags 5 years each for hiding the webcam and voyeurism.

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